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How to Seal Your Criminal Records

If you’re looking for an expungement attorney in Cleveland or Akron, AJLJ has the skills and experience you seek. Expungement is a term used in the state of Ohio to describe the sealing of arrest, court and/or criminal conviction records. Public and private employers often conduct background checks on potential employees, so this in an approach that many individuals pursue.

It is important to have an experienced expungement lawyer evaluate your case to determine if you qualify to have your criminal record expunged or sealed. There are several requirements that must be considered, such as the number of convictions, when the convictions occurred, and type of case you want to expunge. Not all crimes are eligible to be expunged or sealed.

Additionally, even if your case resulted in a dismissal or no-bill, you should still speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer to have the arrest sealed as the arrest and the fact that you were charged will show on a background check.

She was very honest and efficient. I had several lawyers tell me my expungement wasn’t possible. She told it me would be hard but she thought she could help! She was affordable and she got the job done! Today my record has been expunged.


Girl, you rock! Ashley represented me for an old expungement case and got the job done! She is easy to get ahold of, answers all your questions and keeps you informed every step of the way! Thanks Ashley ! You’re the best!


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