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State v. L.M.
Aggravated Menacing. State Dismissed, Cleveland Municipal Court, April 2023
State v. K.N.
Cleveland Municipal Court, Domestic Violence. Case dismissed. April 2023
State v. J.C.
Having Weapons under Disability, Cuyahoga County. Filed motion to suppress arguing police illegally searched car. Judge agreed and granted our motion, and State dismissed case. March 2023
State v. L.S.
OVI reduced to physical control. No license suspension and no probation imposed. March 2023. Parma Municipal Court
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State v. A.G.

Our firm secured a dismissal of a felony Receiving Stolen Property case pending in Cuyahoga County in May of 2024. The State alleged that our client had possession of a motor vehicle that was involved in an aggravated robbery. Our client had nothing to do with the robbery and had no knowledge that the vehicle was stolen when she was the passenger in it months later. The State argued that because our client’s DNA was found on a bottle in the vehicle, that she should be prosecuted for receiving stolen property. Our client had no criminal history and we were determined to keep it that way. After several pre-trials and rejecting a misdemeanor plea offer, the State agreed to dismiss the case against our client.

State v. L.K.

Our client was a professional in education who was accused of strangulation and assault. The strangulation counts were felonies of the third and fourth degrees. Unfortunately, the incident was captured on video and circulated on social media and the news. The media attention and the fact that the victim was a minor added another layer of complexity to the case. After a significant mitigation package was submitted to the State which included our view of the strangulation allegation and the lack of medical evidence to support it, a resolution was reached and approved by the victim and their family. Our client accepted a plea to a misdemeanor assault. In May of 2024, the Court sentenced them to two years of community control with no jail sanction imposed. The resolution reached allows our client to seal and expunge their record in the future.

S.O. v. N.B.

Our client came to us looking for assistance with a domestic violence protection order. Although our client was the true victim of domestic violence, the petitioner filed a petition for a protection order against her in Cuyahoga County Domestic Relations Court. Our client had recently reported an incident of physical assault to law enforcement and days later, the petitioner filed this case against them. At the full hearing, both parties testified. In its February 2024 decision denying the petitioner’s request for protection order, the Court stated, “Petitioner offered little evidence or testimony that he has been the victim of civil domestic violence, nor did he offer testimony that there is a need for ongoing protection.” The case was dismissed against our client.

State v. M.T.

Our client was charged with Operating a Vehicle while under the Influence of Alcohol in Lakewood, Ohio. Due to our client having two prior OVI convictions, this case was a third in ten year OVI with a refusal charge. Being a third offense with a refusal of the breath test, our client was facing a mandatory (60) day jail sentence up to one (1) year, a mandatory minimum $850 fine, a mandatory two (2) year, up to twelve (12) year license suspension, among other penalties. We filed a motion to suppress challenging the evidence against our client. Namely, the basis for the stop and whether or not the office had probable cause to arrest them. As there were legitimate suppression issues, the prosecutor handling the case agreed to negotiate a resolution. We rejected the first offer that was presented to us and ultimately accepted a Reckless Operation. The mandatory penalties were no longer on the table. Our client was sentenced to nine months of probation, a $400 fine, no license suspension, and no jail.

State v. G.G. April 2023, Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas

Jury trial on aggravated robbery, robbery, having weapons under disability, grand theft, and receiving stolen property. Indictment also included repeat violent specifications and one and three year firearm specifications which are all mandatory prison. Jury returned a verdict of not guilty on all charges.

State v. M.K.april 2023 Avon Lake Municipal Court

OVI, reckless operation, marijuana possession. All charges dismissed after we convinced the prosecutor the car accident was due to medical emergency and the client was not impaired under any alcohol or drugs.

T.W. v. C.H. - Civil Stalking Protection Order - April 2023

Successfully obtained a five year civil stalking protection order to protect client and their family from harassment and menacing of nextdoor neighbor after a Full Hearing

D.K. v. M.R. - Civil Stalking Protection Order - March 2023

The court denied the petitioner’s request for a civil stalking protection order after a full hearing.